How to Find Commercial Architects


Most commercial architects are design focused and are equally willing to work on both small developments to larger site projects. No matter how complex the work they do try to remain within the budget specified and try to complete the work on time. This is the type of work ethic one must go for when choosing a commercial architect in Auckland, Sydney or anywhere; and here are some tips to help along the way:

Use Available Online Resources

Google is a friend and will help in locating information along with ratings on any architect of choice. Getting first-hand accounts or getting information of the person who had previously contracted the services of that contractor isn’t difficult as well. This research will firm a basic list of potential architects that will be a good starting point. But this research shouldn’t just be limited to the architectural firms in the area.

Ask Others in the Industry

But even with all the online resources at disposal, it is always important to talk to other people in the industry or directly talking to the colleagues who had worked with those architects in the past and asking them what the overall experience was like, did the firm cooperate? How was the service level? Etc. These are all important qualities to consider when entrusting a team of builders and other professionals for a successful project outcome. It should be kept in mind that it is always a good sign when a firm has repeat and long-standing clients.

Look for a Connection

After narrowing down the list of candidates, the next step to meet them individually and face to face. This direct meeting will allow one to review the architect’s abilities and qualifications but it will also make both the parties be on the same pages regarding ideas, specifications, budgets and other details. It should be kept in mind that the work on a construction project will be long and so it is important to get together otherwise, the project can quickly go south. Make sure to settle on the progress reports needed and other details.

Ask Questions

Don’t just choose the first architect on the list, take time and line up interviews with a variety of architects. With these interviews set up a list of basic questions to ask and don’t shy away from asking the important but hard-hitting questions involving the project. Also, ensure to choose a firm which has the proper insurance to cover any issues and also get a full quote which makes room for unforeseen charges while still staying within the budget.

How is the process of designing carried out?

Planning consultancy and feasibility studies

The firm works with land finders, landowners, estate agents, and others to evaluate as well as analyze the potential of proposed building plans.

Building information modeling

Digital models, sketches and such are produced of the project to help the clients understand the finished building better.

Designing, building and project management

The firm takes into consideration the project requirements and tries to accommodate the demands. They also have a team of experts on hand to make sure that all the components come together.

Always ensure that both the parties are on the same page regarding everything before proceeding and it goes without saying- get everything on paper.