Tips on buying the perfect engagement ring

When you are purchasing an engagement ring for yourself or your fiance you need to consider a lot of things. Engagement rings are definitely expensive and that is why for such kind of investment you need to have a proper idea related to it. If you are thinking of purchasing the diamond ring then you will have to consider settings, cut, metal characteristics and the shape of the diamond.


Compromising the C’s: Whenever you are purchasing a diamond it is very important to ensure that it is of good quality and that is why you will have to concentrate on the factors like cuts, colour, and carats. Among them, a proper cut is very important and one should not compromise in this sector. If the cut is made properly then your engagement ring that is made of the diamond will be able to showcase its brilliance and when you are considering clarity always pick a gem of good quality. So make sure you are doing a proper background check of the diamond before you are sealing the deal. Even if you are purchasing a low graded diamond still the clarity may appear to be perfect to your naked eyes.


Lighter sizes: Depending on the type of stone that you will be purchasing the prices will vary accordingly. You will have to choose from half, full or quarter carat. Depending on your requirement you will have to pick the Diamond.


Original shape: Whenever you are going to purchase diamonds which are round in shape then it will be very expensive. If you are going for the unusual shapes like the hearts, ovals or marquises then you can definitely save a lot of money without compromising on the style statement. The savings will not be small because you can save me about 40% more when compared to the diamonds having a round shape.


Brand names:  If you are thinking that a good brand will provide you with a better diamond then you might be wrong in this sector. The brand of the diamond will not affect the quality of the diamond. So do not go for the premium brands if you have a strict budget because at that price you can easily get an elegant looking engagement ring without sacrificing the quality of the cut.


Try to negotiate:  The sale of the diamond business is not much steadier throughout the year, so whenever someone is purchasing the engagement ring they are having a habit of charging you with high prices. It is very important to not compromise on the quality of the cut in order to get an affordable ring. So, you must consider negotiating as your weapon in order to get a great deal.


Before you purchase the engagement ring it is very important for you to do thorough research and learn about diamonds and the type of material that you can consider for having the perfect engagement ring. One can also consider Engagement Rings Auckland as they are in this business for a very long time and are reputed for dealing with perfect engagement rings.